Consumer brands leverage HyperSound® Pro Audio’s extremely focused sound technology to create audio zones surrounding product displays and promotional content. HyperSound® Pro Audio offers the unique ability to create customized audio zones that are proven to increase sales and dwell time across a broad range of consumers1. HyperSound® Pro Audio provides systems designers with the unique ability to control the footprint of audio, and can be utilized effectively within a wide range of commercial environments.

1POPAI In Association with JMS – HyperSound® Final Report, UK & Ireland. (March 2015).

Application in Industries


Hershey's Retail application

Enhance shopper experience and boost in-store sales

HyperSound® Pro Audio creates targeted audio zones, allowing retailers to add audio content to kiosks and displays without sound bleed. Retailers have long faced many challenges when implementing audio in their in-store messaging campaigns. For example, wayfinding kiosks or looping promotional displays are typically kept silent because conventional loudspeakers produce audio at uncomfortable levels—and allow sound to spread in all directions. This type of audio tends to be perceived as intrusive noise by retail customers. It also frustrates employees, who struggle to ignore audio that bleeds into their workspace all day long. The solution? HyperSound® HSS300 – an innovative system that can control the footprint of audio, creating virtual reality sound zones without bleeding into nearby areas.

Retail Benefits

  • Increases initial interaction: Your message reaches a bigger audience when high-quality media brings in more foot traffic.
  • Increases engagement: Virtual reality audio is completely immersive, similar to wearing headphones. This rich, immersive experience holds people’s attention – longer. And it’s more than just stopping power. This innovative audio experience is more unique, interesting, and entertaining than traditional in-store audio.
  • Increases message retention: The HyperSound® HSS300 pair with visuals to build sensory branding — a rich virtual reality that enhances message assimilation and recall.
  • Increases purchasing behavior: When brands use HyperSound® Pro Audio Solutions as part of their in-store media strategy, it helps to reinforce intended behavior. Messages are more compelling because they are stronger, and often appeal more to both the emotional and rational sides of decision-making.
  • Beams audio to intended zones or areas
  • Enables multiple audio zones
  • Creates immersive, engaging experiences
  • Increases dwell time
  • Improves advertising (or informational messaging) effectiveness
  • Boosts likelihood of intended behavior


White Paper: Maximizing the Value of Retail Audio
Retail Data Sheet

Digital Signage

College Football Hall of Fame digital signage

Double the impact of your marketing messages.

Digital displays that show programming, menus, or advertising are found in hotels, supermarkets, airports, banks, and increasingly in retail stores. Controlled remotely, they are used to grab audiences with a visual medium. Adding HyperSound® HSS300 to include directed audio can more than double the impact of marketing communications.

Savvy retailers and other marketers are catching on to the power gained when messages can deliver sound to targeted patrons, reducing ambient noise clutter, with minimal disruption of commerce.

Sometimes known as dynamic signage or narrowcasting or electronic signage, digital signage incorporating HyperSound® HSS300 is one of the most effective sources for providing information, advertising and marketing messaging that can be changed instantly.

Retail, corporate and transportation, as well as other sectors such as health care and hospitality are rapidly adopting this technology.

Digital Signage is powerful yet cost-effective.

Today’s solutions support remote manageability, energy efficiency and enough performance for advanced capabilities such as anonymous video analytics (for audience metrics and enhanced ROIs), and the ability to process and blend rich media content.

Explore the flexibility and cost-effectiveness digital signage can provide compared to traditional media, i.e., content can be changed remotely; customers can be targeted more accurately.

No other marketing media can match the value proposition that digital signage delivers: the ability to reach a mass audience with such a high level of flexibility in creative, placement, cost and (with the addition of audience metrics) proven performance. As the market data are already showing, that value proposition is a winner.

Boost sales by jumping on the digital sign revolution.

Digital signage can reach large audiences in a targeted way at a point where it really matters: at the point of sale or, at a very minimum, when consumers can easily alter their travel plans to go to a point of sale.

Many airports have digital kiosks that allow nearby merchants and others can use to advertise to travelers and patrons within the airport. These digital signs display content rich video and animation can be shown, and the signs can adapt to the context and audience — even use an interactive application on large LCD touch screens.

Add to this, a growing sophistication in how brands want to manage the consumer experience. Brands want to deliver interactive, personalized and enjoyable experiences to end-customers wherever they are located, on whatever device they are using or seeing or interacting with. Digital signage is a critical medium for making this happen.

HyperSound® Pro Audio Benefits:

  • Guide your customers to their destination with interactive sound.
  • Ensure you are heard by your customers.
  • We can create custom-built applications designed for your business.
  • Potential to increase purchases by delivering an unforgettable experience for your customers with personalized messages.

Kiosk & POS

Best Buy Kiosk

Simply the finest sound you can buy for your business

Kiosks (both static and interactive) are an effective place to use directed sound — as a part of the move to reduce employees and allow customers the ease of self-checkout from grocery stores to fast food outlets. Computerized kiosks also offer helpful product information to consumers. Add HyperSound® Pro Audio to the mix and increase customer engagement.

Using directed sound at kiosks and point-of-sale (POS) terminals provides many marketing and informational advantages:

  • Directly and clearly communicating to your user
  • Increasing privacy and reducing the effect of ambient noise
  • Allow multiple adjacent devices to have the same or different messages

Outside the shopping environment, interactive kiosks and related computer terminals power applications for communication, commerce, entertainment, and education.

According to ABI Research, the number of interactive kiosks deployed globally will rise from 1.6 million in 2011 to nearly 3 million in 2016. The HyperSound® HSS300 is a proven solution that increases sales and dwell time across a broad range of consumers1.

1POPAI In Association with JMS – HyperSound® Final Report, UK & Ireland. (March 2015).

Interactive Kiosk Benefits:

  • Provide custom audio for each kiosk customer.
  • Deliver more personalized messages than ever.
  • Unleash the power of immersive sound to patrons as they pass your kiosk.
  • Eliminate unwanted noise by only delivering spectacular sound to the patron in-front of your kiosk.


Kiosk Data Sheet


HyperSound casino speakers

Introducing the future of slot machines—interactive immersive sound!

Increasingly sophisticated slot machines that display video and advertising are ideal applications for HyperSound® Pro Audio. Watch as passing by patrons are pulled in and attracted by HyperSound® Pro Audio. Once there, players will hear the machines they are using and not adjacent game play. This helps keep them interested in what’s right in front of them. Game play and the level of fun are both significantly enhanced.

According to research by Taylor Nelson Sofres Plc, there were over 4.2 million casino style electronic gaming machines operating globally in 2010 with over 840,000 in North America. According to the Association of Gaming Equipment Manufacturers, the U.S. gaming equipment manufacturing sector produced $11.5 billion in revenues in 2010. We believe this highly competitive industry with a heavy emphasis on innovation is an attractive market for partnering or licensing of our products and technology. We offer leading OEM manufacturers an important method to differentiate their product offerings from competitors to achieve increased market acceptance.

We believe this highly competitive industry with a heavy emphasis on innovation is an attractive market for partnering or licensing of our products and technology to the leading producers of electronic gaming equipment.

We believe we can offer leading OEM manufacturers an important method to differentiate their product offerings from competitors to achieve increased market acceptance.

Hotel & Casino Benefits:

  • Slot machines that interact with gamblers as they pass the machines.
  • Intensify and personalize the sound of each slot machine, keeping players in the game without increasing the noise around them.
  • Use personalized sound messages to guide players to preferred games.
  • Combine HyperSound® Pro Audio with your current signage outside to bring players onto the casino floor.


Casino Data Sheet


Naval Aviation Museum

Finally! Aesthetically pleasing audio enhancement.

Museums are beautiful places and should be free of the bulky eyesore of traditional headsets and audio equipment. Imagine your patrons getting full audio information targeted to what they are viewing without the use of headphones, loudspeakers, or creating ambient noise disturbing others. The HyperSound® HSS300 puts high quality sound only where you want it. The HyperSound® HSS300 ultrathin form factor matches trend and need in display technologies. Now you can seamlessly deliver state-of-the-art sound technology to your patrons.

Museum Benefits:

  • Eliminate headsets in museums and still deliver targeted sound to your patrons.
  • Reduce perceived wait-times with welcoming audio precisely where you want it and nowhere else.
  • Supercharge your exhibits with revolutionary virtual reality audio.


Museum Data Sheet

Financial Banking

Hypersound ATM

Recreate a headphone effect, without headphones!

Binaural sound reproduction uses a special microphone arrangement to capture sound to mimic sound at each ear and is intended for replay using headphones. Generally a bust with outer ears captures sound directionality. To reproduce the effect and spatial confusion the crosstalk between speakers must be eliminated which is why binaural sound traditionally is only practical with headphones.

The HyperSound® HSS300 can recreate an effect beyond headphones by directing sound to each ear. Beaming stereo content “in-the-air” from just two ultrasonic emitters (the speakers in traditional audio systems) creates a distinct and robust immersive sound image not possible with headphones or costly and complex surround sound systems. Crosstalk is eliminated when HSS is positioned properly (for example in front of a listener at a computer or TV screen). And special recordings are not necessary – standard stereo output creates startling immersive spatial enjoyment. HyperSound® HSS300’s immersive directed audio enhances standard stereo output to produce a robust immersive sound image to complement any video, audio, and mobile devices.


Petersen Car Museum
HyperSound® Pro Audio is easily applicable in other industries whether it’s used to create privacy, attract attention, provide promotional or informative content, or even help workers avoid listening to repetitive audio loops.

  • Airports
  • Automotive
  • Colleges & Universities
  • Convention Centers
  • Cruise Lines
  • Gaming
  • Hospitality – Hotels
  • Parks
  • Restaurants
  • Zoos
  • Tradeshow


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